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How many credits should I buy?
How many credits should I buy?

How to calculate your next credit purchase

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The short answer

Multiply the number of Expert consultations you intend to do by three. For example, if are conducting 20 consultations in the next three months, buy 60 credits. 

The long answer

On OnFrontiers, you pre-purchase credits to access Expert knowledge. To create a project, or book a consultation with an Expert, you need credits in your account. Credits are consumed as you engage with Experts. They are valid for 12 months.

The more credits you buy, the lower the cost. As your team finds value in the service, purchase more credits at a time to save more. View pricing.

How many Expert consultations can you do with a given number of credits? It depends on (1) the Expert's rate, (2) the length of those consultations, and (3) how many follow up versus initial consultations you do. Follow up consultations are cheaper by 1.5 credits.

We create activity reports as you use the service. This lets you more precisely estimate your credit needs based on historical activity.

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