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How many credits will I be charged?
How many credits will I be charged?

A guide to how credits are charged to your account

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When you create a project on OnFrontiers, a research manager matches you with experts who fit with your knowledge requirements. You will be charged for activity on a project as follows:

  • 1.5 credits for each first consultation -- this is charged each time you complete the first consultation with a new Expert. This covers the recruitment and vetting of Experts specifically for your project requirements, as well as ensuring that Experts are compliant. 

  • Expert fees -- for your time on consultations, the expert's fee is based on the length of the consultation and the rate listed on the expert's profile at the time of booking. Experts set their own rates on our platform. We apply a 30-minute minimum call length for first consultations and 15-minute minimum for follow-ups. Time on the call after the minimum is rounded up to the nearest 5 minutes.

What is the all-in cost per consultation?

The cost per consultation depends on how you use the platform, in particular on the number of first v. follow-up calls per project and the average expert rate.  This pricing calculator allows you to estimate the number of credits you'll need and the resulting price per call based on your anticipated activity.  

Ancillary services

We also deduct additional credits from your account for ancillary services (such as written responses, expert written reviews, transcripts, translation, and proposal sourcing) as well as cancelations and no-show penalties.

Need more help?

When you are ready, here is how to buy credits, and if there is any doubt please contact for more information.

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