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Customize your OnFrontiers profile

How experts can customize their OnFrontiers profile

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To help Experts get started, we often pre-populate  profile using data from Linkedin or other third party sources you have authorized .  However, we recommend you soon customize and adapt their profile  to emphasize the unique expertise you wish to share with the OnFrontiers community.  

Editing your profile information is straight forward using the following steps.

Edit your profile

  1. Log into with your username and password

  2. Go to your profile by clicking on your picture or on the initials (default if no picture has been provided) in the upper right  of the page 

  3. Click "Edit Profile"

  4. Click on the edit button pencil next to each section of your profile you'd like to edit.  A dialogue box will open allowing you to edit text or add / remove work experience, expertise attributes, etc. (see below)

  5. Make changes to the text and click Save

  6. You may also change your profile picture by clicking on your current picture or initials logo and importing or uploading a new photo

  7. You can do the same with the background photo -- replacing the winter scene with a photo that emphasizes more of your personality and context.  We suggest something local to your country, industry, or area of expertise.

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