We wish you have a great experience participating in consultations at OnFrontiers. Here are some tips that would be helpful for managing the logistics of consultations:

1. Plan to dial-in or join the web consultation 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

To check and fix if any issues arise, etc. Hearing music means you successfully connected and are waiting for the client to join.

2. Check your device.
If joining via web consultation -- Use the latest version of Chrome. Allow the OnFrontiers website to access your microphone. 

We would advise using PC and Mac browsers, but not mobile browsers (such as your phone). This ensures better call quality for you and the customer.

Use wired headphones to ensure higher call quality, instead of Bluetooth earbuds.

3. Check your internet connection.
If joining via web consultation, make sure your internet is fast and stable.

4. Find a quiet spot
Either joining via web or phone, a quiet environment will ensure you won't be disrupted 

Being prompt and ensuring good call quality boosts your ranking within our community of Experts.

If you can't hear the waiting music or can't hear anything after the consultation's start time, please contact hello@onfrontiers.com. We have 24hrs support from Monday to Friday.

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