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How much will I get paid? Where do I set my rate?
How much will I get paid? Where do I set my rate?

Guidelines on how much and where to set your hourly rate for OnFrontiers consultations

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A typical OnFrontiers consultation is through our platform, or over the phone. It usually lasts from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. The experts may also receive a request to deliver the response in the form of writing, the experts will confirm the workload and payment terms with the clients before committing.

OnFrontiers will not compensate Experts for: (a) time expended by Expert on Consultation in excess of time which is booked by a Consumer through the OnFrontiers Platform; or (b) any preparatory work Expert may choose to perform for a Consultation, unless otherwise expressly agreed between Expert and OnFrontiers in writing.

The experts will get paid for the time spent on the phone, and you get to set your own hourly rate. You can set and change your hourly rate in the settings:

Average hourly rates tend to be at $100, $160, $250 / hour, depending on years of industry experience and seniority. Your hourly rate affects how many requests you get. But at the end of the day, you get to set whatever you feel is fair compensation for your time.

An example for calculating payout: if you set up your hourly rate as $150/hr, and the consultation lasted for 40 minutes, you will get paid for (40/60)*$150=$100.

Important: note that if you are consulting on behalf of your company, as part of a partnership between your company and OnFrontiers, OnFrontiers will not be responsible for your payment. Please check with your company for the compensation rules applied.

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