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Adding an external consultation
Adding an external consultation
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Looking for a place to manage all your expert consultations in one place?

You can now add consultations conducted outside of OnFrontiers, transcribe those consultations, and view them alongside your consultations with OnFrontiers experts.

Here's how:

  1. Go to the Consultations tab and click "Add External Consultation"

  2. Chose your file (you'll have the option to connect to various external file services, or upload from your computer or smartphone)

  3. Add the date, interviewer, and expert name

  4. Add the consultation to your project

Pro tip: create a consultation directly from a live meeting

If you are sitting next to an expert, you can record the live meeting directly into OnFrontiers and avoid the upload step altogether.

Just follow the same process above, but in the "Chose file" step, click on the microphone and hit record.  After the meeting, stop the recording, click upload, and follow the rest of the process.

Note: you'll need to be on desktop for this feature to work.

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