Did your call with an expert go well? Do you want to contract the expert for some short-term consulting work?

Many OnFrontiers experts are available to support with technical writing, market entry work, trade show support, or other projects. If you want an OnFrontiers expert to do some more work for you, here’s the process:

  1. Tell your Research Manager - the research manager in charge of your expert request will share the standard OnFrontiers Scope of Work*
  2. Scope of Work (SOW) - fill out the scope of work with the different activities, deadlines, and deliverables expected from the expert
  3. Agree on rates and level of effort - the Research Manager will help negotiate rates with the expert based on the SOW and your budget requirements
  4. Sign and approve - once you and the expert agree on the scope of work, the day/ hourly rate, and the level of effort you both sign and approve and move forward with your project

Once the Scope of Work is completed and signed, half the service fee will be charged in credits up front, with the rest of the credits held until the contract is completed. After the project is finished, the expert will invoice OnFrontiers based on the rate agreed in the SOW, the deliverables produced, and the time spent completing the activities. 

The expert payment will then be charged in dollars as a separate invoice and go directly to the expert through the OnFrontiers system without requiring a new arrangement or working with international payroll agencies. More information on fees and pricing can be found here.

*For Enterprise accounts the standard OnFrontiers Scope of Work can be customized and/ or replaced by a model your company uses which includes company policies on reimbursements, travel expenses, and any other standard information you would like to have pre-included.

**Contracting arrangements are covered by the standard OnFrontiers Client Services Agreement that both clients and experts sign when they join the platform. For Enterprise accounts, this agreement can be customized through collaboration with your legal team. 

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