Please join the consultation through the consultation link on the platform. 

View your upcoming calls at The consultation link is also sent in the calendar invite sent to your email.

Use the platform to DIAL OUT to the Expert's mobile phone.

This is helpful when (1) the expert is late or (2) the call quality is bad because the expert joined via a slow or unstable internet connection.

The DIAL OUT feature will be available at the time of the consultation.

Finally, you can also join the consultation via the local dial in number (if available) provided in the calendar invite sent to your email. The Dial Out feature is not available through this method.

I can't hear the other person / the other person can't hear me. What can I do?

  1. Please check that your (1) Internet connection is fast and stable, (2) your speakers are working, and (3) that you've allowed to access your microphone (chrome://settings/content/microphone?search=microphone)

  2. If it's the Expert that's having problems and the Dial Out is not helping, you can access the Expert's mobile number in the calendar invite sent to your email and call them directly. (This is true for countries where we don't have a dial in number, so most hard-to-reach countries).

Please note: We don't recommend calling directly as you won't get an audio recording and ability to order written transcript.

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