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OnFrontiers Expert Engagement FAQ
OnFrontiers Expert Engagement FAQ

Everything you need to know if engaging as an Expert on an OnFrontiers consultation

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What is OnFrontiers?

  • is an enterprise knowledge marketplace that helps customers access knowledge and build their networks by connecting them with Experts like yourself.

  • The basic engagement is a 30-minute to 1-hour virtual call. Your compensation is based on a rate set by you on the applications process.

  • Some of our experts engage in larger projects through OnFrontiers, which typically start with unpaid opportunity calls with our customers.

How does the call work?

  • When a client requests you for a consultation or opportunity call, you get an email and SMS notifications with the invitation link. This is where you will confirm the call with our customer

  • The client will not call you. To join the call, go to the consultation link through a web browser or call the local dial-in number. Our platform operates through a Zoom integration to make your experience secure and reliable

  • The platform also generates a calendar invitation that contains all the information to needed join the call

Will this be a conflict of interest with my employer?

Hopefully not!

  1. Our clients are careful to make sure there are no organizational conflicts of interest (OCIs) for experts invited to consult in their expert requests

  2. We require Experts (you) to complete a short online compliance training before joining consultations and opportunity calls. This training informs what you should and should not discuss. Ex — no confidential, privileged, or non-public information.

  3. Your consultation is private between you and the customer. If the conversation leads to potential confidentiality issues, let the customer know. They will understand a steer the conversation to a safe domain.

Remember, you can accept or decline requests based on the sensitivity of each topic.

How do I get prepared for the consultation?

  • Get ready 10 minutes prior to the call. Move to a distraction-free location with good reception.

  • Review the client’s questions contained in the invitation link to understand what they want to learn from you

  • Break the ice, but quickly move on to the consultation topics. Time is money.

How will the call logistics work?

  • The client will not call you. To join the call, go to the consultation link ( through a web browser or call the local dial in number (if available).

  • The dial in information will be in the calendar invite sent to your email upon confirmation.

  • Prioritize using wired headphones instead of Bluetooth earbuds to ensure higher call quality.

  • Prioritize joining the consultation through a computer/desktop browser rather than from your mobile browser when joining through the call link. This ensures an improved call experience for you and the client

How will I be paid?

  • OnFrontiers will pay you. The customer does not have information about your payment for the consultation

  • We primarily pay Experts via Hyperwallet, a third-party service that deposits the money to your local bank account. We can also pay through Paypal or Western Union.

  • Payments are processed the Friday (by COB New York time) of the week of the consultation.

How much will I be paid?

  • You get to set your hourly rate based on your understanding of what is fair for the expertise that you’re sharing

  • The average rate is around $150-250 US Dollars. We encourage our experts to set their rates within a competitive range that meets their expectations

  • The remuneration is limited to the amount of time spent in consultation with our client. You are not remunerated for time spent on registration, application, and preparation time.

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