Thank you for signing up as an OnFrontiers Expert. At OnFrontiers, we aim to connect the government sector with the private sector in a safe and compliant way.

Current U.S. Government Officials

If you are a current U.S government official or employee, the OnFrontiers Expert Participation Agreement prohibits you from becoming an OnFrontiers Expert.

Current non-U.S. Government Officials

If you are a current non-U.S government official or employee, you can be approved as an expert only: 

  1. If your current employment, or any agreement regardless in the past or current, doesn't prohibit you to becoming an expert for an expert network;

  2. The topic you will be discussing doesn't involve any type of information related to your current work;

  3. It won't violate any legal covenant, agreement or warranty if you get paid through OnFrontiers for the consultation(s).

You can also choose to conduct the consultation(s) for pro-bono, if it won't breach any legal covenant, agreement or warranty.

If you have any further questions, send us an email to We are here to help. 

OnFrontiers Team

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