We process payments via a third-party provider, Hyperwallet's Paylution portal, a Paypal Company. You will receive an email to activate your Hyperwallet account and fill in your bank account details. In this article, we would like to give more details on the process for claiming the fund from hyper-wallet. 

  1. Within 5 business days of consultation completion, the OnFrontiers finance team will process payment for you with the details you provide. 

  2. As soon as your paylution account is created and fund is loaded, you should receive 2 emails from HyperWallet: 

     First email - A “ Welcome” email from Paylution: 


Second email- Another email notifying specifically how much you get paid. 

    3. Please click on “Activate Pay Portal”.

    4. Then, you will see a prompt to “Verify your account”. Please choose “Verify My Account Using My Expert ID”. This expert ID is included from 3rd email from OnFrontiers finance team. The email will attach the details of your Hyper Wallet profile. Expert ID is in the big grey profile box, see screenshot below: 

5. After you fill in your expert ID, you will be asked to fill in your personal information. Please fill in accordingly and hit on “ Continue”. 

6. Then you will set up your email, password and security questions for your account. After confirming the account setting, please check the 2 boxes for:

  •  I Have Read And Agree To The Hyperwallet Electronic Signature And Communications Delivery Policy.

  •  I Have Read And Agree To The Hyperwallet Terms And Conditions And Hyperwallet Privacy Policy.

 7. Then you will hit to the interface to claim your fund, the screenshot looks like below: 

At this point, you could choose to “ Request card” or “ Add Transfer Method” .

8. If you wish to receive the payment in the form of Prepaid card, please hit on “ continue”, you will be asked to choose country and currency. After that, you need to fill in your personal information and address information, the interface looks like below: 

After filling in all the information above, please hit on continue, then you should be all set! 

9. If you don’t want to get paid by pre-paid card, you could hit on “ Add Transfer Method” in the “ Home”. You could choose any transfer method you want, the interface looks like below: 

10. Hit on the button of any method you like and then fill in your account information accordingly, the fund will be deposited to your account as per your choice. 

Please be noted that not all the above methods are available for every country, it depends on each country’s local policy. 

Please also be noted that OnFrontiers will not charge any transaction fee from you, the expert. But Paylution may charge you transaction fee based on the method you have chosen. Also, OnFrontiers is trying its best to make this process simple and clear to experts, but please understand that Paylution needs to get your agreement to their privacy policy before transferring the fund. Please be patient with those legal agreements, as they are standard practices you may find in similar platforms.

If you encounter any problems when claiming the funds, contact the live chat from HiperWallet’s support team. Alternatively, you can email the OnFrontiers your research manager that invited and supported you throughout the project you were engaged.

Thank you for your participation!

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