If you are looking for general advice but don't have a full project scope yet don't worry! OnFrontiers can still help you get started in a few ways:

1. Explore your organization's Knowledge Network for ideas

If you're an Enterprise Customer, you can start by exploring profiles within your Knowledge Network that might be able to help you get started. Check out more about how to use your Knowledge Network here.

2. Request an expert from the OnFrontiers Marketplace and get support from our Research Team

You can also request a new expert from the OnFrontiers Marketplace, even if you don't know exactly what you're looking for yet.

Our Research Managers are trained to help you and your team take the next step. They can help talk you through the goals of the project, understand what questions you need to ask, and start brainstorming about the types of experts who might be able to answer those questions in order to get to the next step.

Remember - there's no cost or charges to submit a new expert request, or to review profiles. So it never hurts to start with what you have, and see the types of experts who might be able to help. You can always tweak and iterate the project as you go, and as you get a better idea of what your needs are.

When you request a new expert using the link above, just include as much information as you can.

Once you have submitted the expert request form through our platform, you should expect an OnFrontiers Research Manager to contact you shortly for a scoping call.

The information provided while submitting your request will be used by Research Managers to understand your project ahead of the call. This will help in faster and more successful project scoping overall.

In general, the scoping call takes 10-15 minutes and it is a vital part of our process that defines the success of custom matched experts.


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