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How do I engage experts from my Knowledge Network?
How do I engage experts from my Knowledge Network?

Learn how to work directly with experts in your organization's Knowledge Network to meet your immediate needs.

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Once you've searched through your Knowledge Network and found an expert you'd like to work with, there are different ways you can begin working with that expert right away.

Request a consultation with the expert from their profile

Experts in your Knowledge Network have knowingly shared their profile information with your organization to make themselves available for future opportunities.

Use our scheduling feature to send across questions and suggested times

Once the call is requested, the expert will quickly confirm a time, or recommend some alternatives. The call will be scheduled directly over the platform, including a calendar invite with dial-in details which you can share with other team members who need to join the call as well.

Complete the call over the platform to capture learnings and share with others

After the call is completed, the recording will be made available to others on your team in case they weren't able to join, or if they have similar expertise needs in the future. 

Make sure to rate and review the call so others on your team know whether the expert was helpful in answering your questions to help them know how best to work with them in the future.

Message the expert directly

For experts in your Knowledge Network, there are no additional fees to work with them outside of the OnFrontiers platform. If you have a consulting project you'd like to hire them for, or if you have a job placement you'd like them to apply for, send them a message directly to start a conversation and invite them to apply!

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