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How do I search my organization's Knowledge Network?
How do I search my organization's Knowledge Network?

If you're an Enterprise customer, here's how to explore the experts in your organization's Knowledge Network to find who you need.

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As an Enterprise customer, your organization is building and growing a proprietary network of experts so you can search through and quickly engage those experts for whatever your current needs are. 

Here's how it works:

1. Search your organization's Knowledge Network

Use boolean search terms to quickly search for keyword matches for experts within your organization's Knowledge Network. 

Keyword matches will be pulled from the experts profile information, from their CV (if uploaded) and from past engagements with others in your company.

Filter by company/ organization, work location, job title, or other criteria as well. You can even set these filters to specific time period, like "current" or "past" positions, or even for a specific window (e.g. between 2010-2015) to find experts who have recent experience in a certain location.

3. View profiles and your team's previous activity with the expert

View the expert's past activity with your organization, including questions they've answered, comments they've shared about their experience which goes beyond their profile and CV information, and how/ when the expert was engaged by your team.

All of this information will also come up in keyword matches when using the search bar above.

4. Review past engagements and calls with experts in your Knowledge Network

Call recordings, ratings, and reviews from past engagements with others in your organization are all linked directly in the experts profile. Need to verify whether an expert is high quality? Review your teams review of the engagement, or ask the colleague who connected with them before.

The recording is also available directly on the platform, so you and others can review the call to see if the information you need is already on hand.

5. What's next? Start engaging experts

If you found an expert you'd like to work with, you can engage them directly. See here how to begin working an expert from your Knowledge Network by requesting a consultation or sending a message..

If your organization doesn't have any experts in your Knowledge Network who fit your current needs, you can request a new expert from the OnFrontiers Marketplace below. 

Any expert you engage through the OnFrontiers Marketplace is automatically invited to join your organization's Knowledge Network so they 

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