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What is a Knowledge Network?
What is a Knowledge Network?

A knowledge network is a managed community of contributors who support businesses' on-demand to meet their evolving needs

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As an Enterprise customer, your organization is building and growing a proprietary network of experts from across different teams, office locations, and practice areas. 

Your Knowledge Network may include in-house talent, close company advisors, go-to subject matter experts, or other known consultants. The important thing is to be able to quickly identify who can help you on your project, and quickly engage them to get the support you need. 

There are a number of different things you can do with your Knowledge Network through OnFrontiers.

  1. Search through the Knowledge Network to find the experts they need and view their profile information and past activity with your organization

  2. Engage experts directly to request phone consultations, or via messaging to invite them to apply for specific consulting positions or job postings

  3. Tag experts with pre-defined keyword tags set by your account admins

  4. Invite new experts to join your Knowledge Network so you can re-discover them later, or so other users across your company can quickly find and engage them as well

Admin Users on an account have a few additional tools they can use to tag, organize, and manage the company's Knowledge Network so teams can more quickly find and engage the experts they need. Learn more about the Admin features here.

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