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How do I invite experts to my Knowledge Network?
How do I invite experts to my Knowledge Network?

Your Knowledge Network contains experts and contacts from teams across your organization. Here's how to invite your contacts to join

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As an Enterprise client, there is no limit to the number of expert profiles you can include in your Knowledge Network. You can invite consultants you've worked with in the past, or new experts you've met while networking in order to strategically grow the network and share expert relationships across teams and offices.

There are several important reasons for adding and managing experts into your organization's Knowledge Network including:

  • More up-to-date profile data, work experience and contact information

  • Sharing expert relationships across the whole company to increase agility

  • Track activity with experts to build trust and better understanding of experience

  • Quick payment options for phone consultations and other engagements

  • Network retention, maintaining relationships with experts despite staff turnover

Uploading expert lists to your Knowledge Network

If your team or organization has a list of experts or consultants managed in a CRM, spreadsheet, or other tool our team can work with you to invite those experts to join your OnFrontiers Knowledge Network. For more information on how to do this, contact

Inviting individual experts to join your Knowledge Network

As teams go about their work, they often remember contacts from past employment positions, or meet new experts through networking events who may be helpful to their team for current or future needs. 

1. Invite experts from the "My Network" tab

Any user can invite experts to join their Knowledge Network directly from the "My Network" tab which shows the complete list of experts in your Knowledge Network.

2. Share a note for context to your teammates about why an expert was invited

Context is important. As you invite experts to join your knowledge network, others on your team will want to know why they were invited and how they should work with them in order to more quickly make decisions about how best to engage them in the future.

3. See who invited experts to join your Knowledge Network

After an expert joins your Knowledge Network, that context note will be visible in the expert's activity log with your organization, so others will be able to see when the expert was invited to the Knowledge Network, who invited them, and why.

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