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Are my conversations with experts private?
Are my conversations with experts private?

What if I am matched with an expert who has been engaged with other OnFrontiers clients on similar projects or topics?

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One of the most common questions and concerns we get from users is regarding the privacy of their conversations with OnFrontiers experts. 

Whether you are researching a federal contract opportunity and you're wary of competitors, or you're an investor completing your due diligence for a new investment opportunity, you want to ensure that your conversations and questions are confidential.

All conversations with OnFrontiers experts are confidential

One of the core aspects of our platform is privacy and security. Every expert goes through compliance training just to join the platform and is trained on how to evaluate their conflicts of interest and recognize what information they can and cannot share.

In addition, every expert signs an NDA when signing up, and agrees that the conversations they have with OnFrontiers clients are private and confidential, and the information they share and discuss will then be "owned" by the client. You can read more detail in our OnFrontiers Client - Expert Engagement Agreement

In short - experts are not permitted to discuss conversations they've had with other OnFrontiers clients, or even mention clients they've worked with. Only others on your team will have access to the call recordings or transcripts for knowledge sharing purposes.

Additional reminders and safeguards

Because of our process for targeted matching, it is very rare that multiple clients are matched with, or engage, the same experts - even if multiple clients are pursuing the same opportunities. Even if clients are pursuing the same opportunities, the questions they have are usually different, and our hyper-targeted matching process connects each client with experts for their specific needs.

That being said - OnFrontiers has set additional safeguards in place. Before an expert joins a call, our Research Managers send a specific communication to the expert reminding them that the consultation they are about to do, and all other OnFrontiers engagements, are private and confidential.

For other questions about connecting with experts, check out our Marketplace FAQs to learn how to request new experts, or our Knowledge Network FAQs to learn about what you can do with experts already in your network.

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