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OnFrontiers’ Registration Guide
OnFrontiers’ Registration Guide
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Thank you for your interest in becoming an OnFrontiers Expert! Below are several screenshots that will guide you through the quick and easy registration process!

  1. After clicking the link to become an expert, you will be brought to this page. Please fill in your first and last name, cell phone number, primary email address and a strong password (password requirements can be found by clicking on the ? icon). After that please check that you have read the terms and conditions and click join to continue.

2. You will then be redirected to the page below. Check your inbox for a verification email from an OnFrontiers’ member. Once you have verified your email address a window will open confirming your verification. Please proceed by clicking “Continue to expert application”.

3. On the Basic information page, fill in your name, the city and country where you work, and insert the URL for your linkedin. Then, upload a professional photo and your CV/resume by clicking on the Upload button. Indicate what language you are proficient in. Provide a short headline describing your area of expertise and former experience. In the short bio section you can just provide 125-175 words about your background and OnFrontiers can add additional information from your CV or Linkedin profile.

3a. An additional note, when uploading your profile picture you can select either a picture from your device or from your social media accounts such as facebook and instagram.

4. You can now set your hourly rates for consultation. There is no limit and you can change these settings at any time. We do encourage experts to keep their rates between the competitive range of 100-250 USD. You may then indicate your consultation preferences and profile status by checking the boxes. Please then proceed by clicking “complete profile”.

5. Here you can complete your profile. Go over your headline and bio. You can edit it by clicking the pencil icon to the right. Include questions about your industry that you can answer (this helps in matching with clients) and select the industries you specialize in. The experience section will be filled in automatically by your CV upload which you can manually edit. Finally, include your educational background and click “Finish” at the bottom of the screen to complete your profile.

6. You’re almost done! You will then be brought back to your dashboard, where you will be asked to complete the expert compliance training, and also to set up a two-factor authentication for your account if you wish to have one. The process only takes about 5 minutes. After, your profile will be reviewed by an OnFrontiers Administrator within 24 hours and you are now ready to go!

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