As OnFrontiers has helped our clients access expertise throughout the bid capture process, we’ve increasingly realized the importance of offering multiple ways that you can access knowledge on our platform.

Whether a one-hour call to better understand the background and history of a particular government agency, or a much more structured post-award administration project requiring multiple experts, we’ve developed new methods of utilizing our platform to ensure we cover all of your needs. When you submit a request on our platform, you will have the opportunity to select from the following:

Consultation – A 30-60 minute call with an expert to discuss everything from agency pain points to incumbent government contractor customer intimacy, upcoming agency forecasts to the latest industry innovations. We take your specific requirements and help match you to a vetted expert for a quick call.

Consulting Project – These are short or long-term contracts with experts who can help you throughout the post-award administration process. These experts can partner with you for multiple days or weeks on all areas of your compliance and project execution requirements. Often, customers move from consultations to consulting projects once they become familiar with an expert via a consultation.

New Hire – OnFrontiers can also help you identify world-class hires and key personnel already in our expert network. While OnFrontiers is not a traditional recruiting firm, we have a network of 45,000+ Experts with deep industry knowledge who may be willing to join your team full-time.

Written Reviews (NEW) – You can now hire specialized experts and technical writers to review proposals, pitch decks, and spreadsheets. These experts can provide industry-specific guidance and tips to enhance your probability of winning a bid or closing a deal.

We intentionally designed our marketplace to adapt to many different use cases, but we also want to help our customers get the best out of our platform. Click here to learn more about each Expert Engagement type.

In the coming weeks, we’ll share additional practices and guidelines so that you can find the right team of experts for your business.

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