Who are these for: Government Contractors

When to use: Whenever you’re considering a bid for a project with a new agency

Recommended Engagement Type: Consultation (But you can also complete this as a Written Review)

Use the Tailored Agency Budget Analysis use case to engage with appropriations and budget veterans who have expertise in planning, programming, and execution processes. These Experts have visibility on the rationale, timing, and execution of budgetary guidelines, and will provide:

  • A deeper understanding of the USG fiscal landscape and federal budgeting process

  • Clarity on long-range budgets, forecasts, appropriations trends, and their implications

  • Insights on agency-specific strategic initiatives on the horizon

You can ask these Experts such questions as:

  • What budgetary principles do you use to accept bids?

  • How can our type of business get more work with this agency or buying office? How do I engineer more value for your buying office?

  • Can you provide an overview of the opportunities within this agency and related sub-agencies which relate to our capability areas?

  • What is the agency's level of satisfaction with the performance on the last contract?

  • Are there any major challenges or successes we should be aware of as we develop our solution?

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