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What is the Proposal Insights and Solutioning Use Case?
What is the Proposal Insights and Solutioning Use Case?

Proposal Insights & Solutioning: Enhance bids through insights on how to make your cutting-edge ideas better appeal to government agencies.

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Who are these for: Government Contractors

When to use: When you’re drafting a proposal where you lack confidence

Recommended Engagement Type: Consultation (But you can also use the Written Review engagement type)

Use the Proposal Insights and Solutioning use case to learn from those who have been requirement generators, operators, program officials, and have reviewed hundreds of proposals in the contractor selection process. You will capitalize on stronger customer relationships and build proposal research acumen to put your most competitive bid forward.

This use case provides:

  • Ideas on how to develop world-class, cost-competitive solutions with a particular agency

  • Insights on customer preferences, content, and/or industry jargon an agency may find compelling in a proposal

  • Assistance with RFP final analysis, contract risk/reward, and compliance

You can ask these Experts such questions as:

  • How do we translate this proposal's requirements to specific solutions that would be valuable to the agency based on what they are trying to accomplish?

  • How can I evaluate, verify, and validate a solution to an agency challenge?

  • Can you help us to develop and/ or review our price-to-win scenarios for this proposal as they're being developed?

  • What do you think the contractor selection committees will be looking for in this RFP?

  • Can you provide any other strategic intelligence or tactical insights outside the RFP that we should be aware of as we develop our solution?

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