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System Requirements
System Requirements

System Requirements for Best Engagement with the OnFrontiers Platform

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In order to have the best experience with the OnFrontiers platform, please make sure that your system meets the following requirements:


  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

Compatible Operating Systems

  • OnFrontiers is compatible with these Operating Systems:

    • Windows 11

    • Windows 10

    • MacOS Monterey

    • MacOS Big Sur

  • OnFrontiers is also compatible with the following iOS and Android versions:

    • iPad 12.9

    • iPad 11

    • iPad Mini

    • iPhone 13 Pro MAX

    • iPhone 12 Pro

    • iPhone SE

    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11

    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

    • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

    • Samsung Galaxy S21+

    • Samsung Galaxy S20

Compatible Browsers

  • The best way to interact with the platform is through Chrome or Edge.

  • OnFrontiers works best with the latest versions of:

    • Chrome

    • Microsoft Edge

    • Safari for Mac

    • Firefox

  • OnFrontiers does not work with

    • Internet Explorer

    • Opera

    • Developer or Beta versions of supported browsers

Password Requirements

  • 8 characters

  • 1 uppercase letter

  • 1 lowercase letter

  • 1 digit

  • 1 special character


  • Use a valid email address

  • If you’re on a paid subscription through your workplace, you’ll need to use the associated email.

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