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How to schedule a Written Review
How to schedule a Written Review
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1. Once ready to schedule Written Reviews, click "Request Expert"

2. Select a deadline for the assignment. Please make sure that the deadline is at least 24-48hrs from the time of request so experts would be able to check their availability and confirm that they can accomplish the assignment within the deadline.

Please also add a note to the Expert. This is your first interaction so it would be best to get a short introduction about you, the purpose and goal of the written review, and other details you'd like the expert to know before they accept your request.

3. Once the request is submitted, your Research Manager will get in touch with the Expert to confirm Expert's availability.

4. You'll receive email notifications once the Expert has accepted your written review. You'll receive another one once the Expert has submitted the required documents.

5. Upon receiving the Expert's submission, please review the output.

If you are looking to have revisions, please click the "Extend Deadline" and coordinate with the Expert over OnFrontiers' messaging feature.

6. If you are satisfied with the answers, click "Complete".

You can then opt to schedule a follow-up call to discuss and clarify the answers.

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