Who can become an Expert?

Expert application

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Everyone can apply to become an Expert with OnFrontiers.  We currently require a minimum of 5 years of work experience within your stated area of expertise, and our team needs to be able to validate your work experience.  

Experts most likely to receive consultations on our platforms typically have some or all of the following attributes:

  • 10-15+ years of experience in a high-demand industry (e.g., information technology, cybersecurity, compliance, etc.)

  • Highly technical skillsets (engineering, finance, data analytics, etc.)

  • A strong track record of executive decision-making

  • Experience working on a wide array of U.S. Federal Government contract vehicles (GWACs, MACs, ID/IQs, BPAs, FSSs, etc.) or recent experience working with or alongside U.S. federal government agencies

  • A notable public presence in local/national media, research publications, speaker series, and/or social media

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