1. After an Expert completes a consultation, the Research Manager managing the project will follow up with the Expert for their payment details.
  2. Experts are paid through OnFrontiers’ third-party payout provider, Hyperwallet, through Hyperwallet’s Paylution portal, via either virtual pre-paid card, wire transfer, or ACH (not all methods are available in all locations).


  1. Payments are processed the Friday (by COB New York time) of the week of the consultation. Once we start the process, the Expert will receive an email to activate their account and fill in their bank account details. This process ensures an Expert's privacy.
  2. Payment requests are processed within five (5) New York business days. Once the payment request is processed, Expert will receive an email with a link to the Paylution portal to proceed with payout. Experts may request payment of amounts due at any time, by emailing
  3. Depending on your bank and payment method you should receive the payment within 7-14 days of the consultation.
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