What is OnFrontiers?

What we do and how it works

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OnFrontiers is the world’s first Ecosystem Knowledge Operating System. This means we are simply a SaaS (software as a service) platform that builds proprietary networks of experts (knowledge networks) for corporations and government contractors. We make it radically easier for these companies to find the knowledge they need to achieve their goals, no matter where it lives.

If one of these organizations identifies a knowledge need in a specific domain, they use our platform to connect with an expert for an hour to capture ideas and insights. Experts are paid based on an hourly rate of their choosing and they are matched with clients based on the recency, relevancy, and depth of their knowledge.

The basic engagement for experts is a one-hour call consultation, but we also provide short- or long-term contract engagements, document review services, ongoing advisory services, and key personnel sourcing from our existing network.

Learn more about becoming an expert here: Become an expert

Learn more about becoming a client here: Platform

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