We have put together some tips to provide you with insights into how consultations usually work, best practices, and possible outcomes

How a consultation works: 

  • When you confirm a consultation with an OnFrontiers member you will get a notification including details of call date, time and dial in. You can dial in via web link as well as conference dial in provided to you by the OnFrontiers team.  

  • A typical consultation lasts between 30-60minutes.  Essentially, you will be having an informal discussion on the proposed topic(s) of choice, based on your background and experiences

  • Please note that the call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes

Sample agenda for a 60min consultation:

Best Practices Tips: 

We recommend the following steps to ensure a successful consultation

  1. Client questions: if you have received questions beforehand, make sure you understand what the client is looking to learn, and let OnFrontiers know if there are topics you are not comfortable with 

  2. Stick to the topics: Let the client direct the conversation and listen carefully to questions raised on the call and try to 

  3. Stay objective: It is important that you address issues and topics without any personal bias, as much as possible, in an effort to provide the client with objective insights

  4. Feedback: Give direct feedback to OnFrontiers on whether we appropriately matched client questions with your expertise 

Possible Outcomes from a Consultation: 

  • Follow-up discussions: Client might ask to have follow-up discussions to delve further into specific topics or address any new questions. If you discussed certain data points or articles, and you would like to share these with the client, please send these to the OnFrontiers team so we can pass this on. 

  • Ongoing advisory work and longer term engagements: Often our clients are interested in re-engaging with an Expert - either on an ongoing basis or for a long term project. You can indicate in your profile settings whether you are available and interested for these types of engagements. 

  • Future engagements: We hope that you will be interested in participating in more OnFrontiers client engagements within your specific area of expertise

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