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I want to request an expert, what do I do next?
I want to request an expert, what do I do next?

How to get started and request experts for each of your project needs.

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If you are currently working on a project in which your team lacks the specific experience in the industry/region of focus, you can almost certainly fill in that gap with OnFrontiers experts.

Our research team can have you reviewing custom-matched profiles in less than 48h no matter your project's stage or your objective with the experts. This means that we can present you profiles for consultations, long and short-term assignments regardless of whether you are currently performing early stage capture, writing your proposal, reviewing a draft, or even if you don't have a full project scope yet.

Check the index below to see a few different scenarios and follow the link for instructions on how to submit your request based on your current needs.


If you're just getting started and don't fully know which experts you need to speak with yet, don't worry! There's no cost to submitting a new request, and our research team can help talk through your needs.

Usually submitted by clients when just getting started on a new project

When you're just getting started on a new project or capture opportunity, it often helps to get a general landscape overview of the sector or topic in order to help your team get started quickly.

Usually submitted by clients when getting started on a project or early capture stage.

If you have very specific technical questions for an expert, we can support that too! Experts are vetted for your project based on the specific questions you need answers. Remember, there's no cost to request an expert, so it never hurts to see who's available.

Usually submitted by clients as they are developing their technical approach or finalizing a proposal.

Deeper Engagements:


If you have a short or long term project that you need to be completed you can request an expert from the OnFrontiers marketplace to help you out. We'll vet the experts based on the criteria you provide, and then you can choose which experts you'd like to interview. There are no charges to request an expert, credits are only charged once you interview the expert.

Usually these requests are for projects with a defined Scope of Work and clear deliverables. 

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